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International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients
  An International Journal of Integrated Sciences ISSN: 2374-0639   

Executive Editors


Mona Hetta
Mona Hetta
Professor of Pharmacognosy,
Dean Of Faculty of Pharmacy
Fayoum University, Egypt

North America

David Fielder
David Fielder
Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor; Bio-Industrial Opportunities Branch, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Canada

Central America

Armando Cáceres
Armando Cáceres
Galileo University; Founder of the Farmaya Pharmaceutical, Guatemala

South America

Iguatemi Costa
Iguatemi Costa
Manager of Innovation, Natura, Brazil; Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor
São Paulo , Brazil


Sunil D. Purohit
Member of the Board of Directors, and Senior Editor;Department of Botany, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, India


Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Jose M. Prieto-Garcia
Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy
University College of London, England



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The scope of phytocosmetic sciences includes product development and academic research to identify sustainable use of natural ingredients such as essential oils and other plant extracts in skin, hair and personal care products. The International Journals of Integrated Sciences series, provided by IJIS publishing Inc., are among leading peer reviewed open-access journals at many fields of expertise. The International Journal of Phytocosmetics and Natural Ingredients [IJPNI] will enjoy support from extensive number of experts including professionals from fields of ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, cosmetic-pharmaceutical, medicinal plants research, and toxicology of natural products. The journal provides high-quality content to enhance understanding of the science and to substantiate efficacy of the related learning, teaching, and research. In addition, the publication will serve as credible source of information about the new research techniques, technology and product quality, and markets for natural cosmetic products.

IJIS Publishing Company [IJIS] was established in 2013 to provide access to the latest advanced scientific information about various topics by producing a number of peer reviewed online journals.  The Advisory Board at IJIS, Inc. reviews progress of publishing efforts while considering mission and vision set by the Board of Directors at the company.    

 Original Research
Characterization of seed oil from Arachis hypogaea cultivated in Guatemala for applications in lip-gloss and skin cream
Mercy P. Cifuentes Rodas, Sully Margot Cruz*
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 6.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.06
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]
 Original Research
Phytochemical characterization of fruit extracts of Rubus adenotrichus and evaluation of their antioxidant power for dermocosmetics formulation
German Madrigal Redondo*, Rolando Vargas Zuñiga, Gustavo Carazo Berrocal, Nils Ramirez Arguedas, Lidiette Fonseca Gonzalez, Jorge Campos Fernández
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 5.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.05
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]
 Review Article
Phytocosmetics from the African Herbal Pharmacopeia
Fawzi Mahomoodally*, P. Ramjuttun
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 4.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.04
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]
 Original Research
Mycelia from Pleurotus sp. (oyster mushroom): a new wave of antimicrobials, anticancer and antioxidant bio-ingredients
Humberto J. Morris*, Yaixa Beltrán, Gabriel Llauradó, Pedro Luis Batista, Isabelle Gaime Perraud, Nora Garcia, et. al.
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 3.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.03
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]
 Original Research
A Talipariti elatus Sw. Fryxell flowers extract inhibits histamine-induced edema in mice
Milagros Garcia Mesa*, Abel Duménigo Duménigo González*, Lérida Acosta Acosta de la Luz*, Yisel Blanco Blanco Hernández, Marisol López López Barreiro
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 2.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.02
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]
 Original Research
Morphoanatomical and preliminary phytochemical studies of two specimens of Dorstenia Contrajerva native to Guatemala
Kristian Josué Flores, Carlos Rodolfo Díaz, Eugenia Paredes Sánchez*
IJPNI. 2017, Volume 4; 1.      10.15171/ijpni.2017.01
[Abstract]     [PDF]      [XML]


 Original Research
Hypericum species effective against depression and other neuro-psychiatric disorders
Yusuf Ozturk

 Original Research
Application of calahuala complex (Phlebodium spp.) for the formulation of diverse cosmetic products
Armando Caceres, Sully M. Cruz

 Original Research
Natural ingredients in skin diseases
Jorge Alonso

 Original Research
Colombia’s potential development of the cosmetic and personal care industry
Juan Castro Lozano

 Original Research
In vitro antifungal activity of essential oils from wild Piper aduncum, P. elbancoanum and cultivated P. aduncum
Paola Moreno López, Alvaro Celis Forero

 Original Research
Extraction of flavonoids from the leaves of Annona muricata L.: Their potential in the cosmetic formulations
Yaima Henry, Ivon Garcia, Salomon Izquierdo

 Original Research
Development of an Amazon açai hair line tested by region beauty professionals
Renata Santos, Poliana Moreira, Aylane Machado, Moacyr Haverroth, Paula Freitas, Silvia Basso

 Original Research
Effect of ethanolic extracts of Rhizophora mangle L. in fibroblast proliferation for possible application for its healing effect
Nereida Marroquín, Laura Monturiol, Sully M. Cruz

 Original Research
Herbal raw material: new regulatory instruments implemented in Argentina
Carlos Chiale, Sandra Chico, Alejandra Catalano, Erica Wilson

 Original Research
A steroid-like phytochemical Antcin M is an anti-ageing reagent that eliminates hyperglycemia-accelerated premature senescence in skin fibroblasts by direct activation of Nrf2 and SIRT-1
Gokilavani Muthurai, Senthil Kumar K. J, Sheng-Yang Wang

 Original Research
Lithraea molleoides (Vell.) Eng: an Argentinian plant with antichlamydial activity
Alejandra Vanina Catalano, Carolina Andrea Entrocassi, Paula Gladys López, Marcelo Rodriguez Fermepin

 Original Research
Cream added with Plantago lanceolata to treat UV dame of skin
Claudia Velázquez, Héctor M. González, Israel Amezcua, Miguel A. Ramírez, Mirandeli Bautista, Minarda De la O, et. al.

This is the official journal of the International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS). ISPS is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in the science of using plant base ingredients in production of cosmetics and personal care products.

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