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Submitted: 30 Apr 2015

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IJPNI. 2015, Volume 2; 2.   doi: 10.15171/ijpni.2015.02

Original Research
Contributions of natural ingredients from the Mesoamerican biodiversity for the phytocosmetic industry

Armando Cáceres * , Sully M. Cruz

Mesoamerica is a region of high diversity, which complement the biological richness with a profound value for this local biodiversity by its inhabitants, including diverse applications such as flavors, aromas, spices and condiments, dyes and colorants; food (grains, oilseeds, fruits, herbs), and medicinal plants, herbals and cosmetics. This minireview paper deals with the historical usage of plants for hair and skin care, and the recent investigations conducted in Guatemala on antioxidant activity, colorant evaluation, solar protection and tyrosinase inhibition potential for skin clearing of native species from the Mesoamerican biodiversity. Several native species from the Mesoamerican biodiversity are potentially useful for application in the phytocosmetic industry. Based on recent studies in Guatemala the following species are suggest for further assessment. For antioxidant activity and colorant properties, Litsea guatemalensis, Piper jacquemontianum, Rhizophora magle, Smilax domingensis and Tagetes lucida, for solar protection activity Phlebodium pseudoaureum, and, for anti-tyrosinase activity Piper variabile. It is suggested a joint effort from the academic and industrial sectors for a multinational cooperation in order to develop new phytocosmetic materials and products within an innovative and sustainable approach.

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