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  2. Prepare their manuscript using the latest edition of the Microsoft Words Software

    1. Text, figures, pictures, charts, tables and any graphic shall be in separate files

    2. Use JPG format for pictures, assure the highest resolution

    3. Provide contact information for a reviewer when asked

    4. Provide an additional copy of your manuscript using a PDF format, this allows our designers to know of your preferred sequence of embedding charts, tables, figures, and etc. within text body of your article.

    5. Answer questions related to conflict of interest, Copy Right and so on

    6. Complete submission

    7. Receive a letter of submission for your manuscript

    8. Check your inbox for inquiries from MNIJIS that may include notifications

    9. Check status of your manuscript during the first 6 weeks, this is very help and it allows you to be responsive to any inquiry from reviewers

    10. Contact us at this email address to receive answers to your questions

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